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Hande Ugur a.k.a. Handy Queen  is an Istanbul based interdisciplinary artist. A self declared visual philosopher. Hande Ugur uses a variety of media to best describe current events of the time.


Hande Ugur’s artworks have also taken on more current themes, such as the dependence on technology and social networks, fashion industry, female identities, celebrities in popular culture.


Hande Ugur is best known for her street art and pop art style acrylic paintings on collages made with old newspapers, old magazines and found objects related to the subject.

Her work hinges on the idea that every artist should be a storyteller and art should leave you with a little smile. She says 'I am a painter. My goal is to create unique and high quality art that can get a spark in audience's heart. My studio is a place where I feel free and connected..."

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